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Master Course on Understanding Stock Market and Taxation of Equity Markets - (Recordings)

Language: English

Instructors: Bizz Gyaan

Validity Period: 180 days

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Why this course?


Details of the Course and terms and conditions for students:-

3 Days Master Course on Understanding Stock Market and Taxation of Equity Markets


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Faculty :- Mr.Mukul Lamba and CA Manoj Lamba

What will you learn from joining this Course?

Course Outline:

Day 1 :

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Markets

1.1 Understanding the Share Market: Definition, purpose, and importance.

1.2 Understanding Money Market and Capital Markets

1.3 Participants in the Share Market: Overview of brokers, traders, investors, and regulators.

1.4 Market Indices: Introduction to popular indices and their significance.

Day 2 :

Module 2: Stock Market Basics

2.1 Stocks and Shares: Definitions and differences.

2.2 Types of Stocks: Common stock, preferred stock, and their features.

2.3 Market Capitalization: Understanding large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks.

2.4 Initial Public Offering (IPO): Exploring the process and implications for investors.

Module 3: Practical Live Demo on How to Invest in Share Market

3.1 How to kick start your Investment Journey: Understanding Demat Account

3.2 How to Place Buy/Sell Orders

3.3 What are Limit and Market Orders?

3.4 How to pick a Share for Long term Investing

Day 3 :

Module 4 :- Taxation of Equity Markets

5.1 Understanding Long Term and Short Term Capital Gain

5.2 How to Calculate Capital Gain on Sale of Equity Shares ?

5.3 Taxation on Dividends 

5.4 Taxation on Unlisted Equity Shares and Many More….

Note: - 1. PPT Notes will be provided to all Learners

2. Language will be English

About the Faculties: -

First 2 Days of Course will be taken by Mr.Mukul Lamba who is a Young and Talented Business Mentor and Stock Market Enthusiast. He is Founder of Government of India Recognized Startup Bizz Gyaan Private Limited and He is a CA and CS Final Student. His Vision is to impart Financial Literacy to every corner of the country with the help of Technology. He has also authored a Book titled 10 LIFE CHANGING MANTRAS THAT CAN MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL which is listed on Google Play Books and Amazon Kindle. He actively runs a YouTube Channel Bizz Gyaan through which he aims to spread Financial Literacy and teach Business Management.

Day 3 on Module : Taxation of Equity Markets will be taken by CA Manoj Lamba.

CA Manoj Lamba is a seasoned Chartered Accountant renowned for his extensive expertise in Auditing, Income Tax, and Company Law, accumulated over a prolific career spanning 25 years. His dedication to nurturing startups and MSME businesses is evident through his multifaceted roles. As a co-founder of Bizz Gyaan Private Limited, a distinguished startup recognized by the Government of India, and a registered mentor on the Startup India Government Portal, Manoj actively engages in guiding startups throughout their growth trajectory, from inception to securing funding.

Terms and Conditions: - 

1. Learners will get access to recording for 6 Month Only with Unlimited Views

2. No Refund will be provided.

Pricing of the course: - Rs.699/- Only

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